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Watson Books is proud to present three books, two Thrillers and one Self-Help, all with a meaning and message for the reader. Authors Frannie and Doug Watson use their training in Christian missionary and chaplaincy work as a guide to help the reader understand the underlying issues the characters in their books face.

Snatched but Followed book coverSnatched but Followed, the newest release, tackles the difficult topic of sex trafficking, and the impact it has on the under-age girls and women who have been sexually assaulted. Following her previous book Pursued but Shielded, Snatched but Followed characters psychologist Del Thomas and private investigator Will Evans work together again as they struggle against crime boss L.R. Gomez and his followers. Overseeing a criminal empire that encompasses drugs, sex trafficking and murder, Gomez will stop at nothing to ensure that he remains in control of his domain. Del, Will and their friends must have courage and faith in order to overcome the long odds against them.

Pursued but Shielded, a thriller novel by Frannie Watson
Pursued but Shielded is a fast-paced victim-driven thriller that speeds to an unanticipated ending, keeping the reader guessing at every stage. Traveling from Atlanta, GA, to North Carolina to London, England, in search of the truth, the story revolves around the rape victim, her rapist, her private detective brother and the police sex crimes investigation.


Mirrors, a self-help book by Frannie and Doug WatsonMirrors explores the life stories of three real people. The author weaves together the individual stories and invites the reader to identify with these tales. The reader is offered the opportunity to use the actions and feelings of the characters to help examine his or her own emotions and choices.